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Some Multi-Unit Franchisees are Public Companies

While most of the private equity and public offering activity of franchise companies focuses on franchise brands and systems, every now and then a large, multi-unit franchisee will go public or seek private equity financing. Public company franchisees may trade at lower multiples than those of franchisors because the franchisees do not control the brand. But publicly-traded multi-unit franchisees can nevertheless be significant companies in their own right. Publicly-traded franchisees include the following companies: Carrols Restaurant Group trades on Nasdaq.  It owns and operates approximately 675 Burger King franchises.  Burger King, the franchisor, has an ownership interest of approximately 28% in the …


Franchisor IPOs Were Strong in 2014

While private equity activity continued in strength in 2014, franchisors also launched initial public offerings (IPOs) in the last year. Recent IPOs of franchise companies include the following: Habit Restaurants Inc. – This franchisor of the fast casual Habit Burger Grill restaurants raised about $90 million in a Nasdaq IPO in November 2014. The Joint Corp. – This franchisor of chiropractic clinics raised more than $17 million in its Nasdaq IPO November 2014. El Pollo Loco Holdings Inc. – This Mexican chicken fast casual restaurant franchisor raised $107 million in its Nasdaq IPO in July 2014. The company did a …